Famous for its geysers, folklore and birthplace of their uniquely talented and eclectic national treasure known as Bjork, here are our top 3 things to do in the Land of Fire and Ice.

Visit The Phallological Museum in Reykjavík

Admittedly, a trip to a ‘phallological’ museum might not be top of everyone’s ‘must do’ list but this curiosity in Reykjavík really is definitely worth a visit.

Although it is of course fun, it is also educational, so you could even call it ‘edutainment’?

The museum has an extraordinary diverse collection of penises which have all been lovingly curated by an eccentric ‘amateur’ with specimens from almost every mammal imaginable.

A lot of these are formaldehyde-preserved in jars, and of course there are plenty of appropriate gift items perfect for friends and family back home!

Bathing Sensation at The Blue Lagoon

A cliché perhaps but no trip to Iceland is complete without a soak in the island’s amazing healing volcanic thermal waters.

Nestled into the landscape away from Reykjavík the water here is as mesmerizing in its colour as it is in its health benefits. Once you are submerged in the warm relaxing crater pools with the rich smell of sulphur mingling in the steamy air you really will feel like you are on another planet.

However, a slight warning to the more bashful among you…it is mandatory to shower naked before you take the plunge!

Visit Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park: The Bridge Where Two Worlds Divide

Get much more than you bargained for with a trip to Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park.

Not only is it home to Iceland’s first parliament – the oldest in the world, but the whole area itself is one huge geological wonder.

It has waterfalls, gorges and Iceland’s largest lake as well as being the place where you can actually see, and at one point even walk across, the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian plates.

An ancient natural meeting place since at least 930 AD, this is a truly glorious place where history, geology and the very soul of Iceland really does come alive.

Cover photo: © Chris Lawton | Unsplash
3 ‘Must Do’ Things In Iceland
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