Vienna is a city famous for its culture, classical music and sophisticated elegance. Full of magnificent palaces, museums, parks, galleries and gardens it really is difficult to choose just 3 great things to do or see in Sigmund Freud’s city of dreams. But to get your imagination off to a nice Viennese Waltzing start, here are our 3 eclectic choices. 

Schönbrunn Palace

A Stroll through History and Imperial Splendour

Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna, Austria © E Kuselbauer | Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

To be fair no trip to Vienna would be complete without a visit to this stunning baroque palace and its spectacular 500 acre garden. It is one of Austria’s most treasured and culturally important attractions and for very good reason. Built about 300 years ago, it has a history dating back much longer to when it was a small summer palace.

While only 40 of the 1441 rooms are open to public viewing, it is still enough to give visitors an idea of the opulence and grandeur that its privileged inhabitants once enjoyed.

The garden also contains the world oldest and only Baroque zoo. But don’t worry, the animals are cared for in the most modern of facilities and accommodation.

Graben and Kohlmarkt

Shopping, Coffee and Strudels

Graben, exclusive shopping street in Vienna

Graben, Vienna © Ian Glover | Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

Vienna isn’t all opera, balls and banquets. It’s also a fabulous place for some holiday retail therapy, and there is no where else better than in beautiful Graben and Kohlmarkt.

This exclusive shopping street in the heart of the city dates all the way back to the Roman period. Along with all the designer boutiques, traditional jewellers and perfumeries you will also find modern shops and plenty of wonderful coffee houses and restaurants. It’s perfect for picking up some great souvenirs and rewarding yourself with a classic Melange coffee (a bit like a Cappuccino) and a scrummy apple strudel!

The Third Man Museum

Vienna and its Smoke and Daggers

Fancy a bit of a change from all the high brow art and culture? Well this is a great alternative. The Third Man museum houses a wonderful collection of film memorabilia and postwar history.

The film starring Orson Welles was a huge box office hit when it was made in Vienna in 1949, and is today a cult classic and considered one of the best films ever made.

The museum has 13 rooms all crammed full of exhibits, posters and paperwork as well merchandise and all manner of strange related paraphernalia with eerie atmospheric theme music playing at all times in the background. Its definitely worth a visit, but be aware that its only open on Saturdays between 2pm and 6pm, or by special appointment.

3 Splendidly Cultured And Interesting Things To Do In Vienna
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